Video: BMW - The Ultimate Meerkat Stalking Machine?

BMW unscripted meets Grant the Meerkat Man – Click above to watch video after the jump

BMW has sat down with a handful of notable Bimmer aficionados, ranging from Sabine Schmitz to Murray Fowler, the lone owner of a 1969 BMW 2800 CS. Now BMW has brought its cameras down to South Africa to speak to Grant McIlrath... who also goes by Meerkat Man.

Grant runs the Meerkat Magic Conservation Project and he does so with the help of his BMW 525i. The Meerkats have grown used to the sight of Grant's white 5er and the car helps him get closer to the animals. Previously, attempts to see the Meerkats in a 4x4 or off-road vehicle resulted in them immediately scurrying into their tunnels.

It's an odd choice for a unique man working a very different kind of job. However, you don't get the nickname Meerkat Man by making conventional decisions. Hop the jump to watch Grant and his E34 in action.
[Source: YouTube]

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