Rumormill: Marussia bringing seven new models to Frankfurt

Marussia B2 and B1 Hybrid at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show – Click above for high-res image gallery

If you're going to make it in the exotic supercar business, it helps to have two things: a substantial lineup and an F1 team. The Ferrari case, first of all, goes without saying. McLaren has the latter covered, and is in the process of kicking the former into high gear. Spyker bought its own F1 team, and though it subsequently sold it, look at the Dutch automaker now: they own Saab. Lotus is following the same path with not one, but two F1 teams, and an aggressive model rollout plan. Now Marussia looks poised to follow the same path.

The exotic Russian automaker recently bought into the Virgin Racing team, so they've got one aspect covered. All they'll need now is a big ambitious model lineup. Cue the latest news.

According to the rumormill, Marussia Motors is planning on rolling out seven new products at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the fall. Included in the reported plans are a coupe, SUV, sedan and a city car. If this is all sounding familiar, look no further than Lotus, which set a new precedent with five new concepts at the Paris Motor Show this past autumn.

Along with the new vehicles, Marussia is reportedly hard at work expanding its distribution base, with new showrooms planned for London and Monaco, penetration into the American market in the works and factories slated to open in Germany and Belgium. The plans are nothing if not ambitious, but in this market, that could be exactly what the Doctor Zhivago ordered.

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