Trademark Watch: Dodge resurrecting Tradesman moniker?

Chrysler has gone on a bit of a trademark bender, snapping up a couple of high-profile names that may give us some insight into what the smallest of the Big Three has planned for the near future. According to Inside Line, the company has laid claim to both the Cuda and Tradesman monikers. We're more than a little perplexed by the automaker's decision to tuck away the Cuda name, especially since the legendary Barracuda sailed under the long-dead Plymouth banner. Who knows, maybe Chrysler is simply hoping to cash in on some nostalgic licensing later down the line.

More interesting is the Tradesman name. Way back in 1971, Dodge offered up a no-frills work van under the that nameplate. The resurrection has spurred the crew at Inside Line to meditate on the possibility of an all-new work van based on bones from the Fiat Ducato Goods Transport Van. Given how popular offerings like the Dodge Sprinter proved to be on our shores, a successor to that beast is a logical move.

[Source: Inside Line]

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