43 Fiestas sweepstakes kicks off with excellent NASCAR vs. Rally footage

Ken Block takes on AJ Allmendinger – Click above to watch video after the jump

Ford has officially lit a fire under its 43 Fiestas campaign. As you may recall, the promotion aims to hand out a raft of prizes, from 43 LCD flat-screen TVs to airfare, lodging and tickets to the Ford NASCAR 400 Sprint Cup race for 43 lucky grand-prize winners. Of those souls, one will be awarded a special Ford Fiesta, but should AJ Allmendinger happen to walk away with the checkers, everyone in the grand-prize lot will receive a new Fiesta to call their very own. That's impressive and all, but not nearly so interesting as the videos after the jump.

You see, to sell the sweepstakes, Ford enlisted the help of NASCAR legend Richard Petty, rally heathen Ken Block and AJ Allmendinger, the current pilot of the #43 NASCAR racer. What happens when the three meet on a track? Let's just say that while we weren't entirely surprised by the outcome, we're wholeheartedly in favor of this type of motorsports crossbreeding in the future.

Now let's see that 3,000-pound NASCAR bruiser fling itself down a rally stage.

[Source: 43 Fiestas]

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