To say that sales of alt-energy vehicles in China have been dismal would be an understatement. Despite investing million into advanced alternative fuel powertrains, the Global Times reports that many Chinese automakers are facing the tough decision to either ditch their green car plans or continue on with sales that are far below expectations.

Due to poor sales volume, Changan Auto has pulled the plug on its hybrid Jiexun. According to the company, not a single Jiexun was sold during the last year. BYD faces similar struggles, reporting that it has sold only 54 E6 electric vehicles and just 290 F3DM plug-in hybrids between January and October of this year. Even Toyota admits that Prius sales volume, which has been at less than 4,000 for each of the past three years, is below the company's expectations.

Many Chinese automakers have voiced concerns and are calling upon the government to help boost sales of advanced-technology vehicles. So far, however, buyers have shown little interest in purchasing the high-tech rides that often come with steep price tags.

Source: Global Times]

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