Video: GT5 vs. Real Life, Nürburgring Edition

Driving an M3 on the 'Ring: Real life vs Gran Turismo 5 – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Denis Malevanyi is one skilled hot shoe and he can hustle a BMW M3 around the 'Ring with the best of them. He's also pretty good at driving virtual cars in simulation series like Race2Play, as well as in Gran Turismo 5. We've seen how a virtual driver's skill can translate when placed into reality, but Malevanyi already knows what he's doing behind the wheel. He recently captured video of himself running the Nürburgring in an E92 M3, both in reality and the digital world, and stacked the footage together.

Hop the jump to see how he does in both versions. Thanks for the tip, Daniel!

[Source: Youtube]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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