Video: Ever seen a V24 diesel rock the dyno?

24-cylinder Detroit Diesel madness: Click above to watch the video after the jump

Want to see something really crazy? How about a 24-cylinder Detroit Diesel engine with twelve giant blowers, all polished up and ready for its new assignment. For what it's worth, its previous assignment was providing the motive force necessary to spin the propeller of a ocean-going yacht.

And its new assignment? Nestled tightly within the confines of a Peterbilt semi truck, mated up to an Allison transmission of some sort and mounted on a custom-built 40-foot-long chassis. Sounds pretty epic to us, and we're thinking that 3,424 horsepower (our feeble brains are telling us it should have well over 5,000 pound-feet of torque...) ought to be just about enough.

And the man behind the madness? That would be Big Mike, the burly bearded millionaire you can read about in detail right here. Nicely done, Mr. Harrah. Hit the jump to see a video of this ridiculous piece of machinery make its first dyno run.

[Source: YouTube]

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