Toyota Prius wreck – Click above to watch video after the jump

Video cameras mounted inside police cars capture wrecks, crimes, high-speed chases and, occasionally, the driver that inadvertently leaves his or her vehicle in reverse while attempting to exit. Take, for instance, the unidentified driver of a black 2010 Toyota Prius who was caught on film last weekend during what was thought to be a routine traffic stop.

The driver, possibly under the influence, attempts to exit his ride, but immediately realizes that the gear selector was left in reverse – duh! The stunned individual hops back in the Prius just before it collides with the cruiser. Moments after the first impact, drive is selected and the accelerator is floored. Within seconds, the Prius smashes again and is thrown sideways from the force of the impact. We doubt that a "sudden acceleration" claim will hold up in court this time around. Watch a video of the carnage after the jump and, just in case you're keeping track, yes, this video shows two crashes in under six seconds.

[Source: Break]

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