Video: Italy stars in live-action Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit vid

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – Click above to watch video after the jump

Electronic Arts isn't pulling any punches in the run-up to the release of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. The studio sent two of the world's most lust-worthy Italilan exotics to go frolic through the countryside in a live-action interpretation of the game's premise. The video stars one wayward Pagani Zonda Cinque on the run from a very stubborn Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and its accompanying air support. The whole tale is set to La Roux's "Not Your Toy" remixed by the ever crafty Nero. It's as fitting a soundtrack as we could imagine.

The video is, of course, dripping with high-horsepower slides and vaporized rear tires at the hands of legendary stunt drivers Marc Hennerici and Marc Basseng. Sound appetizing? Hit the jump to sink your teeth into the jaw-dropping spot.

[Source: Hot Pursuit]

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