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To us, the Sinclair X-1 looks like a recumbent bike trapped within a bubble. Lo and behold, that's what it is. Well, sort of. Sinclair technically calls the X-1 an electric vehicle (EV) because it's powered by a lithium-ion battery pack linked to an electric pancake motor that's connected to the rear wheel via a fixed gear drive chain. We still think the X-1 is more electric bike than EV, so that's the name we're gonna stick with.

Regardless of what category the X-1 falls into, here's what it offers: the electric bike can be driven ridden for up to 10 miles, provided that the pedals are spun a bit. The X-1 sports front and rear disc brakes, though it's hard to imagine that this 66-pound electric would make full use of such stout brakes. The X-1 features a handlebar that adjusts for comfort, a waterproof acrylic dome, an integral roll cage and reclining seats all for a mere £600 ($970 U.S. at the current exchange rate).

The X-1 is technically classified as a bicycle, so there's no need to insure it and no operator's license required to ride it. Additionally, anyone over 14 years of age can drive it on public roads in the UK. Interested? Hop the jump to watch the Sinclair X-1 dice through congested traffic.

[Source: Treehugger]

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