Ferrari California Limited Edition by Cornes & Co. – Click above for image gallery

If you live in Japan and have the means, there are any number of enticing automobiles you can get domestically that aren't available elsewhere. Most of them are from Japanese automakers, though. But last week, we reported on the BMW Z4 Silver Top edition, and now Ferrari has joined the race with an exclusive offering of its own.

This Ferrari California Limited Edition is being offered exclusively by Cornes & Co, Ferrari's main importer in Japan for the past 30 years. Their latest limited edition starts with Maranello's first front-engined V8 convertible and upgrades it with special touches like carbon fiber rocker panels, door handles and fuel cap, and unique diamond-polished forged rims with red hubs and titanium nuts.

Only ten examples will be offered in three pre-determined color schemes: four in white over black, three in red over black and three in black over cream. This exclusivity will cost you though: ¥26,500,000, to be precise – equivalent to about $320,000 U.S., or about ¥3 million ($36k) over the standard model.

[Source: Cornes via JonSibal]

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