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What moves without pedal-power or with assistance from a gas engine? Well, electric cars do, as do rowboats, the second hand on a clock, bipeds and a flock of geese, but we're not looking for answers like that right now. We're talking about something that makes use of some basic bicycle parts, a hub-mounted electric motor and a battery pack to roll down the road or across dirt trails for 20 miles on a full charge. If you're inclined to answer that an electric bike fits the bill, well, don't bother. Didn't we mention this thing has no pedals? Without pedals, you've got no bike, but you could have an electric scooter called the Diggler.

The Diggler electric scooter lacks a saddle, so riders assume a standing position that could be tiresome on lengthy trips. Additionally, standing up while goosing the throttle of this electric scoot could prove to be a bit awkward, but mastery of the technique is said to take just a few minutes. The Diggler is designed to tackle light off-road excursions and pavement-bound adventures with ease. With prices that start at $1,999, the Diggler electric stand-up scooter ain't cheap, but watching GigaOM TV's Green Overdrive video of this battery-powered scoot in action makes us wish we had the funds to give one a try.

[Source: Giga OM]

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