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Polyphony's Gran Turismo games tread the line between fantasy and reality with the balance of a trapeze artist. Not only are the games themselves a close approximation of reality, but once in a while, reality jumps out of the digital world and into the tangible.

A couple of years ago the game's creators worked with the French automaker to give birth to the GTbyCitroën – a supercar designed specifically for the game. But then they made it into a concept car and put it on display. And while it never came to be, they even considered a limited production run.

The latest collaboration brought the recently-crowned world champion Red Bull Racing team on board for the X1 prototype. Again, an extreme high-performance vehicle designed specifically for the game – this time a vision of what an F1 car could be if not for all the pesky regulations. Initial reports that the car is powered by a turbine engine are now being corrected to an F1-derived, direct-injection, twin-turbo V6. Fortunately, the 1483-horsepower output remains.

Actually building the X1 into a functioning track car would be a little pointless and undoubtedly extremely expensive, but they have made a full-size mock-up that will be unveiled during the game's launch party, scheduled (don't hold your breath) for Madrid in a few weeks' time. Here's hoping GT5 can follow that same fantasy-to-reality trajectory and land in our hands on (the revised and revised again) schedule.

[Source: GTPlanet]

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