Time. It's just about the ultimate bragging right when it comes to high-performance automobiles, and it usually comes down to one factor: how fast can said car get around the Nürburgring Nordschleife? Although hundreds of variables can come between a sportscar and a good lap time at the 'Ring, it's become the definitive yardstick by which such vehicles are measured. And if you're going to undertake to set a new record, you're going to need the right machine to measure it by.

For just such a venture there's the Nordschleife Chronograph. The German-made timepiece packs the usual time-of-day hands along with the split-second timing dials into a jumbo 43-millimeter stainless steel case with mineral crystal lens, black dial and leather strap.

The purveyors of all manner of merchandise related to the Green Hell also offer an innovative 24-hour wristwatch that displays the time over the course of a full day, instead of the half-day displays of conventional timepieces. Perfect for tracking endurance racing around the legendary circuit or keeping your head on straight when flying to Eiffel from overseas.

Arguably the best part, though, is that unlike some of the exclusive timepieces we've covered in the past with their very car-like five-figure price tags, these quartz-movement Nordschleife watches come in at 129 and 85 euros for the chronograph and 24-hour watch, respectively, which means more change for lap tokens and fresh tires.

[Source: Norschleife via Fourtitude]

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