Video: Ferrari 612 GTS Pavesi one-off brings the T-top back to Maranello

Ferrari 612 GTS Pavesi – Click above to watch the videos after the jump

If you're up on your latest cop dramas, you'll notice that Tom Selleck has not only got his mustache back, but he hardly looks like he's aged a day. Never mind that it's been decades since Magnum PI. But it's also been nearly that long since Ferrari made a GTS.

Those three letters are Maranello-speak for "targa" (dare we use the term on anything but a Porsche without getting a cease-and-desist letter?), and they went the way of the dodo after the 355 was phased out. Since then, it's been full convertibles or fixed-roof coupes, and nothing in between. Until this one came along, that is.

Called the 612 GTS Pavesi, this car is reportedly the latest product of Ferrari's in-house customization program. It's based on the 612 Scaglietti, and features a pair of removable carbon-fiber roof panels up top, a unique two-tone silver and black paint scheme, a revised front end and a reported output boost of 20 prancing horses to bring it up to 550 horsepower (possibly due to the custom Tubi exhaust installation). No word on who the owner is, but Pavesi is the name of an Italian producer of go-kart engines. Whoever it is, you can bet he or she paid handsomely for the privilege. Follow the jump for a closer look in a pair of spy videos.


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