Leica M9 Titanium by Walter de'Silva – Click above for image gallery

Walter de'Silva has worked his magic on countless Alfa Romeos, Seats, Audis and now, as head of design for the entire Volkswagen Group, is responsible for styling even more brands and their products than just about anyone in the industry. But he can now add one more to his resume: a Leica camera.

The iconic German optics company brought de'Silva in to give its compact M9 camera a bit of a make-over. Rising to the task, de'Silva refitted the camera in titanium, gave its screen a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, trimmed it in Nappa leather, a diamond-texture surface and even reworked Leica's famous logo, centering it above the lens like a hood ornament. A gun-holster-like shoulder harness completes the package as de'Silva follows in the footsteps of fellow car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who designed for Canon and whose ItalDesign studio de'Silva's employers recently acquired.

Only 500 examples of the limited-edition, de'Silva-designed Leica M9 Titanium will be produced, fetching a suitably car-like $31,300 apiece. Zoom in on the images in the gallery below for a closer look.

[Source: Leica via The New York Times]

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