Infiniti M35h hybrid marries efficiency, performance and luxury without compromise

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The Infiniti M35h could pan out to be one of the most influential hybrid cars ever built. Though it won't challenge the fuel-sipping abilities of the Toyota Prius and it falls well short of claiming the title of the fastest hybrid in the land, the Infiniti M35h could become the epitome of luxury hybrid vehicles. So, what makes the M35h spectacular? Well, nothing really. It doesn't call out for attention like many hybrids do and it doesn't sacrifice performance for the sake of efficiency. Heck, it's not even Infiniti's most powerful M model. In short, it's the hybrid luxury vehicle that could go unnoticed – but it shouldn't.

The Infiniti M35h takes the combined efficiency rating of the gas-powered M models from the low 20s and rachets it up to 32.2 miles per gallon. The M35h is capable of cruising at speeds of 155 miles per hour and can scoot to 60 miles per hour in a respectable 5.9 seconds. Equipped with a seven-speed auto trans and a proper rear-wheel drive layout, the M35h is a driver's delight first, a hybrid second.

In the luxury car market, a vehicle's on-road prowess trumps efficiency. Buyers in this segment rarely opt for an efficient hybrid model that lacks the power needed to keep up with the big boys. But if the vehicle's hybridness only shows at the pump, then there's no reason not to buy one. Agreed? And that's precisely why the Infiniti M35h is spectacular. It brings the efficiency-boosting hybrid powertrain to the luxury car market without compromise.

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