Report: Morgan trike production resumes... after 60 years!

It may not be entirely rational, but we love ourselves the Morgan three-wheeler. After all, the old Morgan was the first vehicle Sir Stirling Moss ever drove on the street, easily making it the coolest thing on three wheels.

It seems we're not the only ones traveling on the Crazy Train. A Harley-Davidson-powered replica called the Liberty Ace (shown above) has apparently been selling well enough that Morgan will restart production of the old trikes that were last produced back in 1952.

According to the Telegraph, even the old JA Prestwich air-cooled V-twin engine design will be resuscitated to sit between the two front wheels just as they did way back when. If Morgan is interested in any other options, may we suggest a call to Moto Guzzi might be in order?

[Source: Telegraph]

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