The Rose Bowl Parade has been title-sponsor free for 121 straight years, bucking the trend that's taken hold over the past couple decades. Well, that's over. Honda has apparently backed up the truck for naming rights. This year, get ready for the 122nd Rose Parade Presented by Honda. While Honda is the event's first title sponsor, the automaker and the famous parade have been linked through advertising for the past 50 years.

Nobody is talking at this point about how much Honda paid for the honor, but we're fairly certain the bags of cash were heavy and plentiful. The biggest question now concerns the products Honda will choose to showcase during the parade. One option that comes to mind is a nationally-televised start to the 2012 Civic campaign. We have no idea whether Honda will be ready to tout the new Civic by next January, but it would make sense to take advantage of the national stage to do so.

[Source: USA Today]

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