The fact is that small cars get into more accidents than large and mid-sized cars, and the fatality rates for small cars are about twice as high as their larger siblings. Yet it's the large – and usually expensive and luxurious – cars that get features like collision avoidance technology. That could change soon if TRW Automotive can get car makers to adopts its less expensive collision avoidance radar system.

The company introduced a 77-GHz collision warning radar for the Volkswagen Phaeton eight years ago. It has since developed a 24-GHz system that could be sold at a price point that makes sense for B- and C-segment cars. The lower price does come with a trade-off: the radar is most effective up to 87 miles per hour, and then its efficacy drops off. However, TRW is pitching its unit at the American market, where an 87-mph peak performance threshold would be plenty for the intended class of vehicles.

TRW is in talks now with automakers for a 2013 launch. For the time being, the company is mum on plans to launch in Europe.

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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