Washington, Oregon a perfect one-two punch when it comes to electric vehicle chargers

Level 3 Quick charge station in Portland, OR

Two states within the U.S. claim to be leaders in the electrification of transportation, but we all know there can only be one champ. Right? Maybe, but until that's decided, the battle is fun to watch. The state of Washington has four charging station projects in the works including two massive ones funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. By the end of 2011, Washington should be home to more than 50 Level 3 charging stations and at least a couple thousand Level 2 units, including 125 installed under the Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition program.

Oregon has some grand plans of its own. Looking to outgun its northern neighbor, Oregon has teamed up with the Department of Transportation to begin work on what's known as the West Coast Green Highway project, a massive electric vehicle infrastructure project that includes Washington, California and portions of Canada as well. The project aims to install a band of charging stations along the I-5 corridor, the main north/south interstate that runs along the Pacific Coast. Oregon also boasts the nation's first public quick-charge station (pictured) and while it's clear that both Washington and Oregon take this electric thing seriously, it's also likely that their close proximity will lead both states towards deals that continue to strengthen their combined electrification efforts. So, who will emerge as the champ? Those West Coast electric vehicle owners, that's who. Hat tip to evsuperhero!

[Source: Plug In America Blog]

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