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Any pickup truck driver will tell you that the overall ride of their vehicle improves with a little bit of weight in the bed, but some trucks are naturally worse than others when it comes to unladen comfort. In fact, this exact issue is why Chrysler made the decision to switch to coil springs in lieu of the more common leafs in the rear of the latest fullsize Ram trucks.

But there's one fullsize truck on the market that has gotten more complaints than any other, and it's the 2007 through 2010 Toyota Tundra. For whatever reason, owners of these particular trucks tend to complain of a choppy ride much more often than owners of competitor's trucks, and, despite a host of aftermarket solutions to the problem, for years these complaints went unacknowledged by Toyota.

Not any more. According to the boys at Tundra Headquarters, the Japanese automaker has finally announced a TSB that is intended to greatly reduce the so-called bed-bounce issue that has plagued the truck since '07. The TSB applies only to Double Cab Tundras and involves replacing the rear body mount bushings with new, upgraded units. It's also important to note that this is a TSB, not a recall.

We've gone ahead and pasted the TSB after the break, and you'll also find a video produced by a company that sells the Willybar ballast, which is intended to greatly reduce the bed-bounce problem. Judging from the graphic results in the video, we'd say the Willybar does its job rather admirably. Hopefully, Toyota's TSB will prove just as effective. Thanks for the tip, Joel!

[Source: Tundra Headquarters]

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The Tundra performs similarly to other long wheelbase trucks on choppy, broken concrete surfaces. The enhanced cab mounts of this TSB reduce the amplitude of body vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces, but they do NOT eliminate the sensation entirely. Customers should be counseled that they will experience an improvement in the condition and their truck will perform better than competitors in identical conditions, but some body shake is a normal and unavoidable condition in certain situations with this type of vehicle.

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