Fortune Hanebrink off-road electric bike - Click above to watch video after the jump

Envisioned as an all-terrain electric bike that could tackle virtually anything thrown its way, the wide-tired Fortune Hanebrink brings the idea of electric mobility to a whole new level. Sporting tires that appear wide enough to mount on a Smart Fortwo, the Hanebrink is a go-anywhere electric vehicle that's unlike anything we've laid eyes on before. When Fortune decided to strap on a 600-watt motor and a battery, the Hanebrink transformed into the first off-road electric bike capable of hitting 20 miles per hour under its own power. We think we'd want to make sure our helmet was strapped on tight if we ever get a chance to ride this thing. Lucky for us, Giga OM TV's Green Overdrive captured the Fortune Hanebrink in action, so hit the jump to watch the wide-tired electric off-roader tackle the tough stuff.

[Source: GigaOm]

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