The natural gas-burning Honda Civic GX has been around since 1998, and even though the Environmental Protection Agency anointed it the cleanest internal combustion vehicle in history, sales have been less than brisk.
There are quite a few reasons the Civic doesn't sell in high volume, including a hefty $25,000 price tag and the $4,600 required to install a home refueling station. But according to our comrades over at Translogic, that won't stop the Japanese automaker from offering up a new GX for the 2012 model year.

The new GX will still likely cost quite a bit more than the standard Civic and it will still need a pricey home charging unit, but improvements will also be made. For example, Honda spokesperson Jessica Fini tells Translogic that consumer feedback complaining about the levels of available equipment on the last GX prompted the automaker to offer more, "desirable options like a navigation system and upgraded stereo."

We're happy to hear that the GX will live on in 2012 and beyond. After all, it's tough not to love an environmentally friendly Civic that can deliver about 30 miles per gallon at fuel prices that can be one third the price of regular gasoline. We'll be looking out for details on the 2012 GX, along with the entire Civic lineup in the months ahead.

[Source: Aol Autos]

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