If you're careless enough to drive your electric vehicle (EV) to the maximum limit of its range, then chances are quite high that you'll end up stranded and in need of a charge. Obviously, a phone call to AAA requesting a jug of gas won't suffice. You'll need some power of the AC or DC variety, but where do you turn to for that? Well, the answer may lie in mobile charging stations, which you can think off as kick-ass power sources on wheels. The concept is simple: fit a rechargeable power source into a vehicle equipped with a fast charging system and deploy the mobile unit as needed.

Nation-E, an electric mobility specialist, has developed the Angel Car, a mobile charging station that can provide roadside assistance to plug-in vehicles. The Angel Car system utilizes a large battery pack and a high voltage charger that should provide enough juice to propel stranded plug-ins another 15 miles or so after receiving a 30-minute charge. The uniqueness of the Angel Car system lies in its packaging. Nation-E will offer the Angel Car as a completely installed package or as a separate system that vehicle owners can drop into their existing vehicles.

The Angel Car's simplicity trumps that of other mobile charging systems in that it doesn't rely upon complex live telemetry or central servers. Instead, the Angel Car setup could be installed into just about any larger vehicle, including privately-owned autos, and dispatched to the scene via a simple cell phone call. With the Angel Car system installed, private individuals, acting as on-call mobile EV service units, may even discover that fueling up plug-ins will lead to some fast cash. That is, provided that EV drivers routinely find themselves in need of an emergency charge.

[Source: Plugin Cars]

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