Woman gets Kia Soul after passing drive test on 960th try

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We like to think of ourselves as pretty determined folk here the United States. After all, our forebearers forged our country out of a wild and unsettling terrain, fought off tyrants, cooked up some of the most amazing inventions of the last century and helped populate a symbol of diversity and freedom renowned the world over. That doesn't mean that we'd willingly subject ourselves to the DMV 960 times, however. Yet that's exactly what a Korean woman, Cha Sa-soon, did on her quest to obtain her driver's license. Despite copious studying, the 69-year-old Cha just couldn't manage to get past the written portion of the exam.

In April 2005, she began taking the 50-minute, 40-question test once a day, five days week, failing each time. Eventually her pace slowed to taking the test twice a week, but on the 960th try, she managed to get enough of the questions right to pass.

Local news outlets ran with the story, and it wasn't long before the tale caught the ear of Hyundai-Kia. The company asked people to post congratulatory messages online, and after an overwhelming response, Kia handed her the keys to a brand-new Soul.

We like her style.

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[Source: The New York Times]

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