BMW EfficientDynamics mule – Click above for high-res image gallery

A few days ago, BMW launched a web site called which obviously means they do want us to blog about it. While the site doesn't contain much in the way of real information, there are several photos and videos of a mysterious black test mule based on a current-generation 6 Series coupe body shell.

With a bit of level manipulation of the shadowy front three-quarter view of the car, it becomes clear that the front end has been replaced with a replica of what we saw last year on the EfficientDynamics concept. Judging from the silent running mode in the video (available after the jump) this mule appears to be propelled by the same plug-in hybrid powertrain used in the concept. The small, single exhaust outlet points to a 1.5-liter inline-three-cylinder diesel that BMW has acknowledged it is developing. Each axle features an electric motor energized by a lithium ion battery pack running down the center of the car. The rear motor is mounted between the engine and transmission in a similar arrangement to the ActiveHybrid 7 for a full parallel arrangement. Recent reports have claimed that BMW will introduce a production version of this car by 2013.


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