Video: Chevy Vega development film yields priceless look at 1970s auto design

Chevrolet Vega Car & Track segment – Click above to view the video after the jump

"The goal is to be nifty." Quite a gem of a quote from Car & Track's look into the work behind bringing the Chevrolet Vega to market. C&T was among the first national television shows that covered both auto racing and road tested the cars of its day, and their videos remain fun to watch and offer a glimpse into the past to see cars that have become both famous and infamous in their original context.

Looking at the Vega's design, testing, engineering and construction, C&T calls it "the most precisely engineered car built in America." Uh-huh. Thankfully, 'precisely engineered' means something rather different today, and even if we don't lust after the Vega like other cars from its era, we can still enjoy a glimpse inside some of General Motors' vehicle development and testing methods from some forty years ago. Check out the video after the jump – and be sure to scroll down to see what C&T has to say about the one-and-only 1971 AMC Gremlin, too! Top tip, Tom!

[Source: Car & Track via YouTube]

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