Ford Fiesta "You so Pimping, You so Sexy" ad by Film Riot – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Ford may have its own ad campaign for the Fiesta, but we're mildly amused by this one-off, three-minute-long ad created by the folks at Film Riot, an online how-to show about filmmaking. The Blue Oval currently sponsors the Film Riot crew, so it makes sense that the funky new Fiesta hatch (in Lime Squeeze, of course) would be the star of their ad spoof.

One part Swagger Wagon rap and one part Sprockets, the Euro-inspired dance track fits the Fiesta perfectly. Note to Ford: Edit this down to a 30-second television spot posthaste, or keep it in its entirety for next year's Super Bowl. Follow the jump to see Film Riot's ad for yourself.

Photos Copyright ©2010 Drew Phillips / AOL
[Source: YouTube]

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