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Minivan commercials are typically a vanilla affair. You see kids running to the van after the soccer game with the remote-controlled sliding doors seemingly opening as if by magic while the smooth-talking voice-over guy tells you about warranties and five-Star crash test ratings. Boring but effective.

Toyota appears to be taking a delightfully different tactic to marketing the all-new 2011 Sienna. The advertising folks at Toyota are trying the novel approach of using humor to tout their sharp-looking people hauler, and the automaker is going as far as busting a rhyme in search for a good laugh. Hit the jump to watch actors Brian Huskey and Rachel Drummond go gangsta rap with the made-for-the-Internet "Swagger Wagon." There's no "mother-father swearin" in this video, but It's fresh and funny anyway. It still doesn't make us want to buy a minivan, though.

[Source: YouTube]

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