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Despite a slight delay, Nissan is now accepting orders for the Leaf, a breakthrough electric vehicle that promises to bring battery-powered cars to the masses. On August 31st, Nissan opened the floodgates, allowing up to 200 lucky individuals to place their orders for the Leaf. The ordering process, as we've outlined before, is rather simple and as Nissan told the folks over at the Nissan-Leaf site, the company is "doing everything it can to insure a fantastic ordering experience."

Right now, Nissan will only accept Leaf purchases from those who have a confirmed August order date. In the coming weeks, Nissan will reach out to the thousands of additional buyers who hold September order dates. Reservation holders will receive an email from Nissan indicating a specific ordering date. Once the order is placed, Nissan will issue Leaf buyers an estimated delivery date.

Nissan has now tallied more than 18,600 pre-orders for the Leaf and is drawing ever so close to its targeted 25,000 reservations by December. As ordering gets underway, we'll turn our focus to the buying and delivery process of the nation's first mass-produced battery-powered vehicle.

[Source: Nissan-Leaf, Green Car Advisor]

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