Nissan dealer reveals Leaf's simple buying process

At the end of June, Nissan sent out an email notice to those waiting in line for Leaf. The notice, pictured above, informed future Leaf owners that there was a slight delay in the ordering process. While the news of a possible delay likely disappointed those eager to drive off in a zero-emissions vehicle right away, we later learned that the delay would have no impact on the Leaf's arrival date.

We've now gotten word of yet another update regarding the Leaf ordering process. This latest bit of info comes from an undisclosed dealer that attended Nissan's recent dealership conference in Las Vegas. The dealer posted his insight over on the MyNissanLeaf forum and has clarified much of the ordering process as well. If his report is accurate, then here's how the buying process will proceed:
  • You'll receive an email that you can now place a 'RAQ' or "request a quote." Once you get this, go to the Nissan Leaf home page, login to "my account" and click on Customer Dashboard.
  • Next, finalize options like trim level, color options and accessories; determine payment type; select trade-in or no trade-in; choose whether you want to bundle the cost of the HCD (home charging dock) into your payment.
  • Select your 'preferred' dealer to receive your quote (you can select multiple dealers, but can only deal with one dealer at a time). Should you choose to reject the quote and go with another dealer, you'll have to wait a minimum of 24 hours.
  • The dealer's quote will detail your purchase type, offered price, applicable figures and provide a 'window of opportunity' for your reply.
  • If the offer is accepted, you'll receive confirmation email from Nissan and that order then goes directly to Nissan.
  • Once your Leaf is scheduled for production, you'll then receive an estimated time of arrival.
It all seems like some simple stuff, but we'll have to wait to see if everything goes as planned. In the meantime, we welcome your thoughts about the Leaf ordering process. Any gripes? Any issues that you see popping up soon? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Hat tip to EVNow!

[Source: MyNissanLeaf]

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