EVCast's Afternoon Delight – Click above to watch video after the jump

Two of the more irreverent voices in the electric vehicle (EV) world are Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque, our friends over at EVCast. Want proof? Check out their latest video, in which the boys imagine the delicious thrill of charging your plug-in vehicle during the day. They know that it makes the most sense, financially and environmentally, to let your vehicle fill up with juice at night, but they felt the need to ask, "who said it's not OK every once and a while to sneak a little 'afternoon delight'?" We'll let viewer decide after watching the video after the jump (slightly NSFW).

Our only complaint? Leave the facial hair to the professionals, guys. We won't criticize the off-key singing because, well, we just won't.

[Source: EVCast]

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