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Our seat time behind the wheel of the Honda CR-Z was summed up quite succinctly by our man Mr. Lavrinc, who noted that Honda's two-seat hybrid is "a capable fuel miser that can muster some sport when summoned. Unsurprising, but disappointing nonetheless." As our time piloting the CR-Z was limited to a brief first drive, we didn't have the opportunity to run any real-world miles per gallon calculations. Instead, we based our judgment on Honda's fuel economy ratings of 36/39 miles per gallon city/highway with the CVT and 31/37 on the manual model and noted that many hybrid drivers routinely beat the numbers posted by manufacturers.

The folks over at Hybrid Cars recently took a stab at driving the CR-Z and assembled a 125-mile real-world test loop with varying road conditions. The tested model, a CR-Z equipped with the CVT transmission, was driven on country roads, highways and through congested city streets. The resulting mileage? A disappointing 35.3 mpg, which is below both the city and highway ratings for the vehicle. The testers noted that the CR-Z was not babied, but it also wasn't driven hard. While they admit that Honda's newest hybrid was still a fun ride, it's difficult to claim that the CR-Z is a fuel miser when other more-than-capable cars can eclipse its fuel economy numbers.

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[Source: Hybrid Cars]

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