Gemballa officially reborn with new CEO to replace missing founder

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Gemballa's press conference yesterday announced what was promised: the Gemballa brand is back and headed by Andreas Schwarz. It was Schwarz who took control of the Gemballa name and raised "an investment of millions" with the help of investor Steffen Korbach after the company's founder and namesake, Uwe Gemballa, went missing in South Africa back in February.

The new Gemballa already has 22 employees and is working on body kits for the new Porsche Panamera and Cayenne, as well as making plans to manufacture its own Gemballa products. Despite the auspicious new start for Gemballa, however, it appears the company's official website is still offline, though its showroom in Leonberg, Germany has reopened. The last product to come from the German tuning firm was the MIG-U1 (above), a heavily modified version of the rare Ferrari Enzo.

Follow the jump for the full press release, and to Messrs. Schwarz and Korbach, even if some Gemballa products make us go "Wow... umm," we're pleased to welcome you back to the material world.

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A Fresh Start for the GEMBALLA Brand

Andreas Schwarz is in charge of the new GEMBALLA GmbH

Leonberg, 23 August 2010. For around 30 years the brand GEMBALLA has been a global name in the performance improvement and modification of predominantly Porsche vehicles, and in the construction of own-brand vehicles based on Porsche body shells. GEMBALLA has made a name for itself as one of the most extreme Porsche tuners and has received worldwide attention with its modified Porsches such as the GEMBALLA Avalanche, which is based on the Porsche 911, or the GEMBALLA Mirage GT, based on the Porsche Carrera GT.

Since August 16, 2010, Andreas Schwarz (40) has been in charge of the emotional GEMBALLA brand. Schwarz reserved the rights of the old company that had already been broken up by liquidators and shut down, and founded a new company, GEMBALLA GmbH. The company headquarters are located at Mollenbachstraße 17 in Leonberg.

"With a totally new company and an investment of millions, we are now looking towards a secure future", says managing director (CEO) Andreas Schwarz. The educated Swabian is a sports car expert, who has many years' experience in upgrading and marketing luxury high-class automobiles. Together with investor Steffen Korbach, the new creator of GEMBALLA cars has made cost-efficient plans.

"As well as the rights to the name, we've also purchased some assets and are starting off with 22 employees", Schwarz continues. "We plan to continue the GEMBALLA design line following the old models. We're already working on various concepts for the Porsche Panamera and the new Porsche Cayenne among others."

The main goal: to expand and develop the GEMBALLA brand as a manufacturer. Without facing too much time pressure. Currently, Andreas Schwarz is making plans in motor tuning and the marketing of parts such as bodykits, rims, brakes and suspension systems.

"We've got enormous potential in this area that can be taken advantage of – the recognition of the GEMBALLA name with its near 30-year tradition really helps", says Andreas Schwarz.

That is why we will see automobile creations from GEMBALLA in the future – with a breath of fresh air for the brand and reliable business under the GEMBALLA name. The showroom in Leonberg is now open for customers and all interested parties.

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