Gemballa to hold press conference, re-start imminent?

Gemballa MIG-U1 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Elvis Uwe Gemballa hasn't re-entered the building, but his company will apparently soon come return. The last we heard of Mr. Gemballa, he was still listed as "disappeared" in South Africa, with his mother set up as the sole stockholder in a new shadow corporation and his wife in charge of filing bankruptcy for the former concern.

On Monday, August 23 the man in charge of the remains of the Gemballa operation, managing director Andreas Schwarz, will reportedly hold a press conference to reportedly announce that the company is somehow back in business. We have no idea what that company will look like or even what it will be called, but you can bet we'll be tuning at at 11 a.m. German time to find out.

[Source: GT Spirit]

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