Sudeep K. Agarwal, a Mercedes owner in India, decided he'd had it up to here and wasn't going to take it anymore. Over a period of a few years Agarwal took his Mercedes to a dealer in Bangalore to have the same problem repaired, but the dealer never got it fixed to his satisfaction.
During one more trip to the dealer, the dealer told Agarwal they had no spare car to offer while his Benz was in service. Making things worse, Agarwal's driving was apparently called into question by the dealer staff. He immediately pledged "I will show you how to drive the car," then delivered on it by getting in and plowing onto the showroom floor, taking out a few new Benzes in the process. He scored three direct hits and was finally overpowered before he could score a fourth.

While this might all sound crazy – because it is – our tipster offered a bit of background to the breakdown. According to our reader Toni, dealers and manufacturers in India hold absolutely all the cards when it comes to addressing consumer complaints, as "there are no lemon laws" and "a typical court case takes ~10-20 years to resolve." From the way Toni makes it sound, after spending all that money on luxury some buyers end up spending all their time on redress. Not that the justifies doing an impression of Crash Bandicoot...

[Source: Express Buzz]

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