TTXGP North America at VIR International Raceway – Click above to watch video after the break

Mike Barnes flogged his "flying banana" into first place at VIRginia International Raceway on Sunday, making history by also winning the inaugural TTXGP North America championship. His Lightning Motors mount – with its EV1 motor and A123 battery pack – has consistently outperformed the other bikes in the series, winning three of four races and is the odds-on favor to take it all at the TTXGP World championship in Albacete, Spain in late October.

Though Barnes didn't face any serious challenges on the way to the checkered flag, the same cannot be said of the next four riders. Aboard the Team Agni entry, Zoe Rem fought to stay ahead of home-crowd favorite Thad Wolff on his electrified antique Norton. Avoiding disaster after slight contact with the Square Wave machine, she managed to hold onto second place, leaving the Wolffman with the consolation of finishing just ahead of her in the season standings.

The battle for forth was perhaps more intense. Werkstatt Racing's Jennifer Bromme on her Mavizen TTX02 clung to Mike Hannas white and green #15 throughout the race. Their fastest laps were thousandths of a second apart while their average race speed was separated by only three tenths of a second. In the end, the ElectricRaceBikes won the day but Bromme surpassed him by one point to take the number two rider spot for the season and giving her team the number three position.

If you happen to subscribe to Speed2 in the U.S. you can check out the final round action there. UK fans will have the opportunity to watch the race on ESPN on August 26 when it will be broadcast alongside the upcoming TTXGP UK round at Pembrey in South Wales. For now, the rest of us will have to make do with video of a VIR race lap aboard the bike of champion Mike Barnes plus some bonus Zoe Rem-centric footage – including speeding past the checkers, a little podium banter and some champagne celebration. All awaiting your attention after the break.

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