Sondergard Automotive looking for startup capital for lighweight, low C02 roadster... on eBay?

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It's hard to get a car company off of the ground these days – just look at Tesla. Despite strong financial backing from the federal government, partnerships with companies like Mercedes-Benz and Toyota and a strong IPO, many are still gun shy of Tesla stock. It's notoriously difficult to come up with the kind of capital necessary to move a vehicle from a computer rendering to a full-blown production prototype, which may be why it appears that Sondergard Automotive has taken to courting investors via the miracle of eBay Motors. The company is primarily concerned with building a low-weight, low-emission sports car that's as fun to drive as it is eco friendly.

According to the eBay ad, the company has already come up with one prototype that weighs just 1,300 lbs but packs more than 330 horsepower from an efficient diesel engine. How efficient? The company claims fuel economy well above the 80 mile per gallon mark. Color us skeptical. If you're more of the optimistic persuasion, Sondergard is looking for an investor willing to drop $7 million to fund the Lotus Seven/Donkervoort-like project, though it will also consider a number of smaller backers with the need to pony up $500,000 each. For more information, check out the company's eBay auction listing.

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