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Spring is in the air, and if any car shouts "Spring!" the loudest it's a Se7en. If you happen to be in the unfortunate position of not knowing what makes a Se7en, they are modern day interpretations of the legendary Lotus 7. Only because of a long fought, still-running legal battle, they're called Se7ens. Featuring no roof, no doors and practically no weight, there's almost nothing between you and the road ahead. Many people take to describing Se7ens as four-wheeled motorcycles, a definition we can't argue with.

Speaking of Se7ens, Holland-based manufacturer Donkervoort has just released their newest, the D8 235 E. Donkervoot is probably best known to Autoblog readers for the hardcore, closed coupe D8 GT. A stud of a performance monster, no doubt, though we must say that enclosing any Se7en's cockpit is kinda not the point. But hey, different folks, strokes, etc. Thankfully, Donkervoort also sells open top cars, including the new D8 235 E.

The big news vis-a-vis the D8 235 E is that power is up. By reworking the intake and exhaust, and remapping the ECU the Audi-sourced 1.8-liter inline-four now makes 235 horsepower, up from 210 hp. If that doesn't sound like much, remember that the D8 weighs around 1,300 pounds. Having driven a number of Se7ens in the 125-hp neighborhood that car crest 60 mph in five seconds flat and we can tell you that 235 hp is a much more than adequate amount of power. But hey, need more? Donkervoort will happily sell you a 270-hp version called the D8 270 RS.

[Source: Donkervoort]

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