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You know who you are. You care deeply about the environment and know the importance of looking cool. Also, you've got buckets of cash. You've been waiting to throw down $80 grand on a Fisker Karma but you're tired of the seemingly endless delays. Well, here's another eco-friendly vehicle on which to spend that stack o' cash – the BlackTrail BT-01.

Yes, it's a bicycle. But it's not just any bicycle. This, my affluent amigo, is an avant-garde, hybrid-electric piece of rolling retro art. It's got a classic leather saddle with matching handlebar grips, power pack cover and valve stem covers. We repeat, LEATHER-WRAPPED VALVE STEM COVERS! Oh yes, it also comes with its own theft deterrent device in the form of a set of leather-padded handcuffs. You heard us.

What, you want more? Okay. It's got integrated LED lights front and rear. OLED display with speed indicator and battery status. At its 30-50 km/h (20-30 miles per hour) cruising speed it will carry you 160 - 200km (100 - 120 miles). If that's too pokey, you can travel 25 - 30 miles at its maximum speed of 100 km/h (62 mph)!

While it's not yet offered for sale in America, we expect it soon will be. Production is limited to 667 units with at least 41 already being sold at €59,500 ($75,930 U.S. at today's exchange rate). Throw in the airfare to go get it and you're looking at $80,000.

Hit the jump for a better look at this breakthrough bicycle with someone who could actually afford to buy one if he wanted to, Jay Leno. Scroll a little further down for bonus video of an on-sidewalk presentation.

[Source: PG-Bikes via Engadget]

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