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Delays are expected as any small start-up company tries to play with the big boys of the automotive world, but Fisker has been fraught with delay after delay, leaving many wondering if the Karma is nothing but vaporware. Now, another report coming from the guys over at Green Car Advisor further adds to the belief that the Karma may never see the light of day, at least for a while. The GCA team was on hand for the grand opening of Fisker's dealership in Santa Monica and had a chance to speak with Michael Sullivan, owner of the LA Car Guy dealership group that will be responsible for selling Fisker vehicles in the Los Angeles area.

Since Sullivan will eventually sell the Fisker Karma, he's probably a knowledgeable source for information about the vehicle's release date. As Sullivan told GCA, deliveries of the Karma won't begin until March or April of next year. If true, this would indicate yet another delay as the company had previously suggested that, while some vehicles (70-100) would be delivered later this year, full production was supposed to start in February 2011. GCA contacted Fisker for its official stance on the Karma release and the company stated that it still plans to have a hundred or so vehicles in customers hands before year's end, with full-scale production kicking off early next year. Which side speaks the truth? It's hard to say, but Fisker hasn't necessarily been on target with its statements in the past, so we'll have to side with LA Car Guy for now.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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