BMW to celebrate Year of the Tiger with special edition M3?

Another day, another morsel for the rumor machine. The Bavarian obsessed crew over at M3 Post have caught wind of a report on Bimmer Today that suggests BMW will crank out yet another special edition version of the M3. Supposedly the car has been penned just for the Chinese market and is being built in honor of the year of the tiger. From what we understand, the car will feature a Fire Orange Metallic paint scheme borrowed from the heavenly M3 GTS. Throw in a handful of black accents, including a set of 19-inch rollers, and you've got yourself one very feline-themed coupe.

But wait, there's more. The interior will get unique Tiger Edition logos stitched into the headrests and slathered on the door sills. If the Bimmer Today post is on the money, BMW will only crank out 250 examples of the car. We're guessing that the package is mostly a dress-up ordeal as no details have surfaced about performance enhancements.

If you find yourself living in the U.S. and pining for this particular color scheme, fear not. We hear there's a chance that BMW might repurpose the same combination for a Great Pumpkin edition here in the States, complete with Linus from the popular Peanuts comic strip embroidered on the seats. Okay, not really, but with the recent rash of special-edition M3 models we've seen recently, you never know...

[Source: Bimmer Today via M3 Post | Image: Mittelbayerische Newspaper]

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