Recycling Gone Wild: Turn your VW Jetta TDI into a Smyth Performance G3F [w/video]

Smyth Performance G3F concept – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is the tri-directive that could help us become more sustainable as a society. Soon, a kit for the G3F from Smyth Performance – a new venture by Factory Five Racing co-founder Mark Smith – will follow those guidelines, enabling you to convert a previously-enjoyed Volkswagen Jetta into something you can really look forward to driving. The finished product will be lighter, faster and burn less biodiesel than the original vehicle, offering up to 60 miles per gallon and boasting a very naughty top speed of 140 miles per hour. All for about $10,000 and less than 100 hours of labor.

It's a simple recipe. You start by procuring a TDI diesel Jetta four door sedan. Cut away about 800 lbs of metal, reusing a large chunk of the chassis, including the entire safety structure. The engine gets chipped, modded and moved from in front of the driver to behind. Add the body, seats, wheels and all the other included bits from the kit and voila! You now own a recycled VW that increases your joy of driving while reducing the amount of petroleum product you'll need to pump.

Okay, maybe we're making it sound a little easier than it actually is, but Smith is confident there is enough interest to make a go of it with a line of depositors already being formed. Despite deliveries (optimistically) planned for September, the original prototype is still under construction. The operation doesn't have an official website either – that's coming this fall – but you can follow the progress of both car and company on both Facebook and the unofficial Factory Five forum. Hit the jump for video of Mr. Smith explaining his concept and tell us what you think.


The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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