Volkswagen turns its latest Fox inside-out

An automobile's interior is just as important as its exterior when the time comes to close the sale. Keenly aware of this, Volkswagen has redone the Brazilian-market Fox and put a special emphasis on evolving the interior from low-rent to high-end. And a clever ad by agency AlmapBBDO puts it front and center.

Masterful advertising instantly grabs your attention, and seeing a Volkswagen Fox turned inside-out like a sock in the laundry basket is cause for a double-take. As the Fox shares plenty with the Euro-market Polo, there's been talk of the Fox heading to the U.S. market, but since the Polo has been all but canned for Stateside consumption, don't count on it.

Regardless of any migration north, Volkswagen has lavished some attention on the Fox by updating the exterior to keep the looks in line with the rest of the family. The interior, a source of previous criticism, has been changed, and is a point of pride for Volkswagen, hence its prominence in the advertising. The sharpened Fox is now wearing a more premium look as it continues to battle with the Chevrolet Agile and Ford Fiesta in the Latin American market.

[Source: I Believe in Advertising,]

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