Kleenspeed West WX10 at Refuel 2010 – Click above to watch video after the break

The recently held Refuel 2010 gave some electric vehicle owners and developers an opportunity to have some Laguna Seca track time and a shot at trophies for the quickest hot lap. For the second year in a row, the Kleenspeed West WX10 claimed that honor by beating all comers – and last year's record – with a time of 1:42.5. The venerable Wrightspeed X1 was hotly contesting the top spot but spun off on its most promising lap and had to make do with 2nd. While both vehicles make use of the same AC Propulsion motor, the Kleenspeed racer has more downforce to help it carry its speed through the turns. Third place in the prototype class went to the carbon-bodied DP1e from Palatov Motorsports.

Perhaps more surprising than the achievement of the fastest car was the performance of its driver. At 70 years young, Tim Collins showed fine form keeping his little speedster on track. Earth2tech's Katie Fehrenbacher was on hand and interviewed the founder/driver as part of their Green Overdrive series and we have the result – including excellent in-car footage – waiting for you after the break. As a bonus, we've thrown in video (shot by our Tesla Motors Club forum buddy TEG) of a number of the vehicles on hand making their way through the corkscrew.

[Source: Tesla Motors Club / earth2tech / Refuel]

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