BFGoodrich gets sticky – Click above to watch video after the jump

We don't exactly envy the ad gurus charged with marketing tires. While a new set of sticky rubber may get our imaginations fired up in a hurry, the rest of the motoring public could typically care less about compounds, tread blocks and treadwear ratings. Despite being one of the most important components of any vehicle, tires just don't get the love or attention they deserve. That sort of apathy is exactly why most tire manufacturers are forced to get creative when it comes to rolling out new ad campaigns.

BFGoodrich is attempting to fire up some sales with its new Bolt On campaign. Instead of blathering on about stopping distances or cornering ability, the company has gone through the trouble of attempting to demonstrate just how big of an impact a new set of tires can make for a vehicle by using body modification as a metaphor. Trippy. Hit the jump to see the first of a series of ads as well as a behind the scenes look at the making of the spots.

[Source: YouTube]

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