Tesla's chief executive officer, Elon Musk, is well-known for his occasionally outlandish remarks, boastful company claims, over-the-top comments and much more. To put it nicely, Musk is an outspoken individual, which just means that when he sat down with TIME magazine for a recent interview, there wasn't a moment of restraint.
Musk answered readers' questions in the candid and often boastful way that we have come to expect from him. When asked, "Do you really think the electric car can replace the combustion engine?" Musk responded with a reassuring "absolutely." In fact, Musk believes that the majority of new cars manufactured will be purely electric in 20 year's time and, within 30 to 35 years, an electric fleet of vehicles will dominate our roadways.

Musk was faced with answering, "What is Tesla's greatest challenge in terms of convincing consumers that and electric car is the best option?" To which he appropriately responded with, "These days, since we're only selling a roadster, our problem is convincing people to pay $100,000 for a car." While Musk did admit that issues such as range, charging and vehicle safety were valid concerns in the past, he now believes that these apprehensions have been put to rest. While we'd like to believe that Musk's assessment of the situation is true and that acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs) is limited only by price, we doubt that money is the sole reason EVs have not taken the world by storm.

[Source: TIME]

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