Elon Musk reportedly sets trap for loose lipped Tesla employees

The breathless style of writing at which Valleywag has made a name for itself isn't the sort of thing we often link to, but we'll make an exception today. According to the Gawker team, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not making any friends in his own company; in fact, Valleywag claims that Musk recently tried to pinpoint people on his team who may be leaking confidential information to the media. The tactic - sending each employee a slightly altered version of an email about stopping the leaks and then checking to see which version made it to the media. It reportedly backfired in a pretty big way. Valleywag reports that Musk did not let his own executives know of this plan to smoke out the leaker. One of them unknowingly forwarded his version of the email within the company, which made it clear to the rest of Tesla's workforce that they were being set up.

We contacted Tesla about this story, but got a simple "No Comment." That's fine for us, but it might be a long, long month before the Model S unveiling on the 26th. Follow the source link to read a version of the email, presumably one of many, that Musk sent to his employees. Thanks to Yanquetino for the tip!

[Source: Valleywag]

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