Mercury production to cease in late September?

If Automotive News is correct – and they usually are – it looks like Mercury won't make it to Thanksgiving this year. Heck, they won't even make it through Halloween according to a new report. AN is saying that three dealers have come with forward with news of the automaker's plans. What they're saying is that the 71-year-old brand will start winding down production at the end of September. The ancient Grand Marquis gets the axe on Sept. 30, the Mountaineer on Oct. 1, the Milan on Oct. 2, and the Mariner on Oct. 3.

Since announcing the closure of the Mercury division on June 2, Ford hasn't given any firm dates on when any action would be taken. Dealers did submit their final factory orders last month and those orders will be filled and delivered to dealerships in about 30 days. After that, it's all dealer trades if a particular establishment needs more cars or SUVs. All 1,712 Mercury dealerships carry at least one other brand, so it doesn't necessarily mean that they will close, but some are certainly going to get out of the game. We'll be sure to hasten any message we get from Ford to you as more news becomes available.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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